Sea of Thieves Arena Closing

A post on the Sea of Thieves Website recaps a preview event discussing what's in store for Rare's seafaring action/adventure in 2022. Included is the news that the "extremely difficult decision" has been made to shut down the game's PvP Arena as of March 10th. This post has more on the news. Word is The Arena never attracted the interest required to justify continuing its support:
Sadly, among this flurry of new features, we do have to say goodbye to an old stalwart. As we go full steam ahead with Adventure mode, the pirate sandbox that’s always been at the heart of Sea of Thieves, we’re making the extremely difficult decision to close down The Arena.

We launched The Arena with high hopes back in 2019 as part of the Anniversary Update, but as just 2% of our player base have regularly engaged with this dedicated competitive mode, it’s finally become untenable to keep providing technical updates and QA for both The Arena and Adventure modes. To build a future for Sea of Thieves, we have to dedicate our resources to the areas of the game in which most of our players are invested.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to all you hardcore Arena players for supporting Arena during its life – and its doors will be open for a little while longer, until March 10th, if you want to gather a crew of the fiercest fighters around for a last hurrah. For full details of how we’re handling The Arena’s closure and handing out its classic ship cosmetics as a token of our gratitude to past players, see our dedicated article, Saying Goodbye to The Arena.