Prison Architect - Perfect Storm Released

Weather you're ready or not, Prison Architect - Perfect Storm is now available for Windows and macOS on the Epic Games Store,, and Steam. This adds new content to Prison Architect, the celebration of the aesthetics of penitentiaries (or something like that). The add-on comes along with an update for the base game (which is required). You can read all about that in this forum post which also has all the details on the new expansion. Here's a Release Trailer and here's a flood of details:
Calamities can strike at any moment, lowering happiness and increasing unrest among the inmates. Wardens can train staff, apply for grants, and fortify their compound to control a calamity's impact on their prison. Players are incentivized to create a clean and safe environment for their inmates through calamity preparation, rewarding Wardens who keep their inmates comfortable. Wardens need to think creatively about solving problems, preventing disaster, and overcoming unexpected challenges.