Gord Announced

Team17 announces it will publish Gord, a fantasy strategy game based on Slavic folklore promising "a mature and unforgiving strategy experience." This is in development at Covenant.dev, a 24-person studio with veterans from CD Projekt RED, 11 bit studios, and Flying Wild Hog. Here's a Teaser Trailer and the game now has a Steam Listing. Here's some info on the game to stuff into your gourd:
In the world of Gord, players will lead the Tribe of the Dawn as they strive to establish new settlements and explore eerie forbidden lands while interacting with horrific creatures and deities inspired by Slavic folklore. Players will have to complete quests to grow the tribe’s settlements (known as ‘gords’) and fortify these from invaders while managing a populace whose personal stories, familial ties, and well-being, can have devastating impact on the survival of their communities.