Reverie Knights Tactics Released

Not to disturb your reverie, but Reverie Knights Tactics is now available on and Steam, offering a turn-based RPG to put your tactics and strategies to the test. Publisher 1C Entertainment and developer 40 Giants Entertainment offer this Launch Trailer with a stylish look at what to expect. Here's an explanation:
Reverie Knights Tactics blends turn-based strategy with visual novel-style presentation for a sumptuously animated, hand-drawn fantasy role-playing game.

Developed in the south of Brazil in tandem with Hype Animation and Jambô Editora, Reverie Knights Tactics is an isometric adventure set in the celebrated Tormenta RPG setting, where it draws inspiration from more than 20 years’ worth of tabletop RPGs, comic books, novels and audiobooks. Assume control of four unique heroes as they forge a path through a world devastated by millennia-long wars between elven and goblin forces. Shape your characters with your choices, and become a master tactician by utilising environmental features and scenario effects to your advantage.