Not For Broadcast Leaves Early Access

Not For Broadcast may still not be ready for broadcast, but it is ready for prime time, and is officially out following its Early Access run. This news management simulator is now available for Windows on Epic Games Store,, and Steam. The title notwithstanding, the Launch Trailer is indeed for broadcast, so, you know, feel free. Word is the FMV in the video is part of a record: "The launch update brings Not For Broadcast up to a staggering 42 hours 57 minutes of live-action footage to edit, splice and unleash on an unsuspecting nation, as confirmed by Guinness World Records. Here's word:
Not For Broadcast sets players loose at the broadcasting desk for the National Nightly News. No time to plan; this is live TV! Pick the camera angles, bleep the swearing, and make editorial decisions that might just change the course of history. Or at least your own bank-balance. No pressure, eh? And a job's a job.

Managing live TV sounds intimidating, but Not For Broadcast makes it fun and accessible through a powerful yet easy-to-learn interface. Switch between video feeds with a single button, clear up static, pick and run which sponsor's tapes to run and always keep an eye on the ratings—there's nothing worse than a bored viewer!