GOG.com New Year Sale

A New Year Sale is now underway on GOG.com, offering discounts of up to 90% on thousands of games. This includes a couple of new additions, as the store now features DRM-free editions of two additional games. Here's word:
Kick off the year with dynamism, long-term strategy and out of this world relationships: take up XCOM®: Chimera Squad (-65%)! It brings a daring new direction to the series, faster gameplay and a cast of aliens and humans trying to live in harmony. Dare to dream big and make it, in Gas Station Simulator (-25%), a mix of building-sim and management that fueled a burning passion in the heart of its fans. For dream-like experiences, contemplate life in The Silent Age, bring light to darkness in Night Lights and balance action with puzzles in Avencast, three new games from Meridian4.

Many games have that mythical feel to them… Those older or absolute classics that you have always heard about. And a slow start to 2022 is the time to finally get to know them! As GOG is the place where they thrive, don’t shy away, let a Flash Deal motivate you: Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is -85% off for 48H. For more games that made history, put the Famous Classics collection, up to -89%, to good use. If you having a hard time, escape further than the last frontier or get cosy thanks to the Unforgettable journeys collection, up to -90%. But if January makes you feel motivated, try something new in the Great Titles & Great Discounts collection, the best titles from their respective genre starting at -65%