Trigon: Space Story Demo

Trigon: Space Story is a space game in development at two-person studio for release later this year. As seen in the Announcement Trailer, this is inspired in part by FTL, though a little more attention has been paid to the artwork in this one. You can check this out now, as there's a playable demo on Steam. Would you like to know more?
Trigon: Space Story places players in the captain’s seat of a fully upgradable starship, where they must manage everything from weapon systems and engines to the day-to-day tasks of the ship’s crew. The procedurally generated universe offers plenty of scope for exploration over four chapters of the story campaign, with nine sectors each containing 10+ individual systems. With dangerous space anomalies, roving gangs of space pirates, and a complex web of intergalactic politics to navigate, players will need to strategize each approach with myriad factors to consider. Outfit each ship with more than 70 different weapons and play from the perspectives of four highly unique species, each with their own quirks and advantages. The procedurally generated roguelike universe provides a new adventure every run and will force players to truly learn the meaning of “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.”