Warm Snow Drops

Warm Snow arrived this week on Steam, offering an action/roguelike set in a dark fantasy world. The game is garnering very positive reviews, something you can verify first-hand through the free playable demo. With the game now available, this post discusses future plans, including free content that will arrive for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Here's a Gameplay Trailer and here's more:
A strange phenomenon appeared during the 27th Year of the Longwu Era. Snow fell from the sky, which was warm rather than cold to the touch, and did not melt.

People who breathed in the 'Warm Snow' lost their minds and became monsters. This phenomenon was later known as 'Warm Snow'.

Embark on a journey as Warrior 'Bi-an' to search for the truth behind the 'Warm Snow' and put an end to the this never-ending darkness.