Out of the Blue

No Time to Die coming back to theaters for James Bond's 60th birthday (thanks Neutronbeam). Dammit! I'm definitely still not ready to sit in a movie theater with people yet. And we've discussed the negative aspects of the experience. But I'm still old-school enough that I can't shake that feeling that some movies are meant to be seen on the big screen. The latest Bond movie doesn't even really fall into that category, but I'm still ticked I missed it in the theater. But way beyond that on the frustration scale is how a restored version of 'The Godfather' will hit theaters next month in celebration of the film's 50th anniversary. This is very close to the top of my list of favorite movies, and I've only seen it on a television. But even more frustrating, the fine folks at TCM continue the TCM Big Screen Classics program with short-run special revivals. Next week? They are showing Casablanca, in honor of its 80th anniversary. That is my favorite film of all time, and I feel cheated that I will not be able to sing along to La Marseillaise with a bunch of teary-eyed fellow film buffs. Oh well, maybe things will have changed by September, when they celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Wrath of Khan.

Obituary: Meat Loaf Dead: ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ Singer, ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Actor.
Obituary: Louie Anderson, Stand-Up Legend and 'Baskets' Actor, Dead at 68. Thanks RedEye9.

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