Pandemic Eradicated from Steam

A post on Reddit reveals that Pandemic: The Board Game has been delisted on Steam, and is no longer available for purchase. This strategy game was released in 2018, so it was certainly not an effort to exploit COVID-19 at the time. It does seems possible the removal is still related to the coronavirus outbreak, but the notice on the Steam Listing is inscrutable: "At the request of the publisher, Pandemic: The Board Game is no longer available for sale on Steam." Those who already own it should still be able to play the game going forward. PC Gamer includes word on the one way to still get this:
Though no official announcement has been made, one player contacted Asmodee support and was told via email that, "We have worked hard over 4 years on Pandemic and withdrawing it from the stores has not been an easy choice. This decision was made with a heavy heart for a multitude of reasons that we cannot disclose." The email also claimed that Pandemic would be leaving the Xbox store on January 31, and Switch by the end of July.

Pandemic is no longer mentioned anywhere on Asmodee Digital's website. A look at the Wayback Machine shows that its page was removed in November or December of 2021. However, one digital version of Pandemic remains—on browser-based tabletop gaming platform Board Game Arena, which Asmodee bought last year. You can play Pandemic there for free right now, and with online multiplayer, something the Steam version didn't have.