With more game companies sipping at the NFT Kool-Aid, there has been significant backlash from gamers who are not happy with the trend. There is much skepticism that the "crypto" bandwagon is an attempt to extract money from gamers and investors in exchange for zero added value. This has drawn the attention of the New York Times, as a front-page story (may require registration or subscription) discusses gaming and NFTs (thanks j.c.f.). The main focus is the hostile response such initiatives have met with so far:
But to some, the crypto craze has gone too far, too fast. Skeptics argue that cryptocurrencies and related assets like NFTs are digital Ponzi schemes, with prices artificially inflated beyond their true value. Some question whether cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, which are slippery concepts, have any long-term utility.

Nowhere has there has been more unhappiness than in the games community, where clashes over crypto have increasingly erupted between users and major game studios like Ubisoft, Square Enix and Zynga. In many of the encounters, the gamers have prevailed — at least for now.