Humble Trove Retiring macOS and Linux Support

There's an uproar on Reddit about the Humble Store, where as part of changes to Humble Choice that were recently announced, Humble Trove will no longer offer macOS and Linux editions of customer's games. The Trove is switching to a Windows app, so Humble Choice members have until the end of this month to download local non-Windows copies of their games before they are removed forever. Here's word:
We want to give you a heads up that starting February 1, Mac and Linux versions of the DRM free games currently in the Humble Trove will no longer be available.

As a Humble Choice member, you can still download them and keep to keep for your personal collection until January 31. Windows PC versions of many of these games will still be available to download in the upcoming humble app, alongside the brand new Humble Games Collection.

To learn more about the changes coming to humble choice in February, check out our recent blog post.