Expeditions: Rome Shows Companions and Twitch Extension

With the expedition to Expeditions: Rome getting underway next week, THQ Nordic fills us in on more of what to expect from the upcoming historical strategy/RPG. First up is the introduction of Speculatores, five companions you'll be able to recruit into your party along the way. Each Speculatore gets an introductory video, so here are looks at Caeso, Julia, Bestia, and Syneros, but the video for Deianeira is mistakenly marked "private" as of this writing. Also, here's a Twitch Extension Beta Reaction Trailer with, we kid you not, streamers reactions to the Twitch extension that will aid them streaming the game to influence everybody. Here's word:
Expeditions: Rome will release in less than a week - time to show off the companions of your Legatus! During your adventures in Greece, Africa, Gaul, and Rome you will meet five different party members that you will be able to add to your band of heroes, called the "Speculatores". There is the wise servant Syneros, who is a healer on the battlefield as well as the voice of reason in dialogues. Former Gladiator "Bestia" Tabat is a lightly armored, very agile, and ferocious melee fighter who uses two weapons to overcome his enemies. Julia Calida is the person to ask when it comes to stealth maneuvers or covert operations, while Centurio Caeso is the prototype of a heavy roman infantry soldier.

Each of the Speculatores will be introduced with a short trailer, and on top of that, we also have the Extension Trailer ready to be shown off. It presents the special Twitch-Extension made for Expeditions: Rome and how a gang of well-known content creators made use of it. When Expeditions: Rome launches on January 20th, the extension, as well as the Twitch-drop campaign, will be available again.