Democracy 4 Official Release

Positech Games is electing to end Early Access for Democracy 4, and the full official release of this politics simulation sequel is now available on the Positech Store, the Epic Games Store,, the Humble Store*, and Steam (*Blue's News may receive a commission on sales of this item). Here's a Release Trailer to help understand this turn-based strategy game that boasts "a completely unique style and user interface" with no 3D world, map, units, or weapons. For those already familiar with the series, there's this previously released video explaining what's changed since Democracy 3. Here's more on the game:
Built on a custom-built neural network designed to model the opinions, beliefs, thoughts and biases of thousands of virtual citizens, Democracy 4 is the state-of-the-art in political simulation games. A whole new vector-graphics engine gives the game a more adaptable, cleaner user interface, and the fourth in the series builds on the past while adding a host of new features such as media reports, coalition governments, emergency powers, three-party systems and a more sophisticated simulation that handles inflation, corruption and modern policy ideas

Democracy 4 is the ultimate sandbox for testing out your political ideas. We all think our politicians are useless and that we could do a better job ourselves, but is that really true? With one eye on the budget, one-eye on the polls, and somehow finding time to watch out for terrorist attacks at the same time, you will find that staying in power while changing society for the better is a tougher job than you ever imagined.