The PC edition of MONSTER HUNTER RISE is now available on Steam, allowing Windows gamers to experience Capcom's action/adventure game that debuted on Switch. Word is: "The PC release of Monster Hunter Rise offers features including 4K resolution support, advanced graphics options, voice chat, ultra-wide monitor support, and more." Here's the PC Launch Trailer with a look at gameplay and PC enhancements. If you want more of a sample, the Steam listing includes a playable demo. This post on Steam discusses the launch, and the release of a free celebratory item pack. A later post includes troubleshooting guides for the game or the demo for those encountering problems. Here's a description:
Rise to the challenge and join the hunt! In Monster Hunter Rise, the latest installment in the award-winning and top-selling Monster Hunter series, you’ll become a hunter, explore brand new maps and use a variety of weapons to take down fearsome monsters as part of an all-new storyline. The PC release also comes packed with a number of additional visual and performance enhancing optimizations.

Hunt down a plethora of monsters with distinct behaviors and deadly ferocity. From classic returning monsters to all-new creatures inspired by Japanese folklore, including the flagship wyvern Magnamalo, you’ll need to think on your feet and master their unique tendencies if you hope to reap any of the rewards!