Riot's Five Year Plan

An update from Riot Games is a lengthy discussion of the future direction of the developer from CEO Nicolo Laurent. This takes the long view, discussing goals for the company spanning the next five years. This discusses plans to focus on core gaming strengths. It also addresses the settlement of the gender discrimination lawsuit: "While we’re proud of how far we’ve come since 2018, it’s important that we also take responsibility for our past. Given the ambitious goals we have for the future and the tens of millions of dollars we’d spend each year on lawyers to help resolve these cases—money we’d rather pay to the women in the class and to invest in Riot’s future—it became clear during these past several months that the best outcome for everyone would be to come to a final resolution." And after being involved in scandals and legal actions over its workplace culture, the company is stressing having the right people on staff. Since this will include changing roles for some staff, Riot is expanding the "Queue Dodge" program that allows a graceful exit for unhappy employees. For happy employees, the company is expanding its compensation program to give partial ownership to its staff. Here's a bit:
With our new strategic plan, evolutions to our culture, new compensation and operating models, and new teams in place, we’re confident that we’re putting Riot in the best position to hit our ambitious goals. But some Rioters might not share that same confidence. They might not be excited about our strategy, or might not be feeling great about our new operating model. They might not like the changes we’re making to our culture or our plans to return to the office on a flex schedule. Or maybe they’re looking at this transition point as an opportunity to explore something different outside of Riot.

For anyone who isn’t on board with everything above and isn’t committed to the things we want to make for players, there will be no hard feelings. We want every Rioter to feel energized, supported and excited for the next phase of our climb.