Out of the Blue

Obviously the New York Giants ownership read my rant yesterday and made the decision to fire head coach Joe Judge after just two seasons. He may very well succeed elsewhere, but he was clearly done here, so I'm happy the process won't drag out further. The team is amid a historically bad run, and far from looking like things were turning around, Judge's coaching and statements over the course of the season managed to turn a proud franchise into a laughingstock. The Giants need a frame-off restoration, so thankfully they are moving away from the idea they're just in the shop for a tune-up. Interestingly, with new ownership and in influx of new talent, The Mets are considered actual contenders in the MLB this season. The Giants have won four Super Bowls since the last Mets World Series victory, but maybe my two favorite teams have simply swapped fates?

Fired-up Round-up
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