Neko Ghost, Jump! Leaps Out

Early Access to Neko Ghost, Jump! is now available for Windows and macOS on the Epic Games Store and Steam. This is a puzzle/platformer that alternates between 2D and 3D with both side-scrolling and third-person perspectives. The Early Access Trailer takes a look at how that works. You can also check this out firsthand, as there's a playable demo. Here's word on the game and its Early Access roadmap:
Neko Ghost, Jump! is a puzzle-platformer in which you switch between 2D & 3D camera perspectives and between your physical & ghost forms to solve puzzles and combat enemies.

Neko Ghost, Jump! will remain in Early Access for approximately 6 months and will launch with 30+ handcrafted levels, 6 boss fights and 100+ customization options. They wish to add content to include new biomes and levels and new game modes such as an “ironcat mode” where you only have 9 lives to play through the whole campaign and with the valuable feedback of the community, create an unforgettable 1.0 release.