Forever Skies Revealed

This Steam Listing takes the wraps off of Forever Skies, a first-person survival game in development at Far From Home for PC Early Access this year. Despite the name, Spider-Man is not an employee of Far From Home. But according to IGN, the company does include some known quantities, calling it "a group of 23 individuals with credits on titles such as Dead Island, The Medium, the Dying Light series, Chernobylite, and Divinity: Original Sin." Here's a Forever Skies Reveal Teaser Trailer and here's more from Steam:
Forever Skies is a game of action, survival and discovery amongst the ruins of human civilization. A mass ecological disaster wiped out humanity, with only a few able to flee into space at the last hour. You, a lone scientist now returns to the remains of Earth. A toxic cloud of dust blankets the entire surface. Above the dust are crumbling, makeshift towers where humanity unsuccessfully made their last stand. It’s up to you to now uncover the story of humanity’s fall and witness the birth of a new world that has been evolving below the dust without us. We are no longer at the top of the food chain and surviving here is going to take a lot of skill, technology and ingenuity.