Get Gods Will Fall for Free

Gods Will Fall is now available completely free on the Epic Games Store offering the chance to take on the deities for free in this action game from Clever Beans and Deep Silver. With the holidays in the rearview, this program has returned to its weekly schedule. So you have until next Thursday to collect this and its yours to keep. At that time Galactic Civilizations III will take its place as the new giveaway. Here's word on the rise of Gods Will Fall:
The gods’ torturous rule over humanity has lasted for millennia. Bent on cruelty and suffering, they demand to be served with blind worship through an oath of fealty pledged from every man, woman and child. To those who don't submit to the gods’ will; a slow and merciless death awaits.
Experience the brutal trials of a venturous band of warriors in their desperate plight to sever the gods’ callous grip on humanity. Every man and woman who can muster a blade, having suffered the brutality of the gods’ reign for too long, will be called upon to form your clan of 8 Celtic survivors and rise up to take on the legions of horrific beasts and minions that dwell in each of the gods’ hellish realms.
A personal tale emerges with every decision made. Succeed and see legends born. Fail, and watch lives turn to dust.