Skull & Bones Lead Leaves Ubisoft

A post on LinkedIn by Antoine Henry from last month announces his departure from Ubisoft (thanks VGC). Antoine was game director on Skull & Bones, the seafaring game in the works at Ubisoft Singapore. Development of Skull & Bones has reportedly been troubled, and it was delayed again earlier this year following news last year that the project had been rebooted. Ubisoft quite famously has been embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal that's resulted in some firings, including the Managing Director of Ubisoft Singapore. This has also prompted what's described as a "great exodus" of unhappy employees. There's no indication of whether Henry's departure is related to the troubles with the game or the company, as he offers the following simple goodbye:
Goodbye Ubisoft! After nearly 15 years, today was my last day.
I'm thankful for the people I've met and what they brought me professionally and personally. Hopefully I was able to give back a little bit.

On to new exciting adventures very soon!