What Happened to Bully 2?

The Version Of Bully 2 You'll Never Get To Play on Game Informer discusses plans for Bully 2, and why the private school sim sequel was apparently cancelled in 2009, despite the popularity of the original Bully. Included is much background, including word on rivalries between internal Rockstar development studios over games, budgets, and glory. A subplot is the story of how the individuality of studio Mad Doc Software suffered after being acquired and renamed Rockstar New England. One prevalent theme is how ambitious the plans were for the size and complexity of the map as well as new systems like physics-based glass shooting. There is a lot to unpack, as the trendy expression goes, so go dig in and be enlightened. We'll just crib from the conclusion, since it's not a spoiler that this project remains in limbo at best:
Rockstar Games has never said anything publicly about Bully 2 being in development. We weren’t able to confirm whether there was anyone at Rockstar New England – or any other Rockstar studio – still working on the project. Although, one developer says a build of the game still existed at Rockstar New England as recently as a few years ago, parts of which were used as reference material for later projects.

We don’t know if a version of Bully 2 will ever see the light of day. But a decade after development, people that worked on the project still express fondness for the game and their work. And they say they still hope they’ll get a chance to play a full release.