Myth of Empires Strikes Back

The studio behind Myth of Empires has filed a lawsuit against Snail Games and Studio Wildcard over the revent removal of the game from Steam amid allegations it uses code stolen from Ark: Survival Evolved (thanks MMOFallout via Eurogamer). Here are the points that summarize the objections, which downplay the discovery of suspicious elements in the Myth of Empires source code:

  • The Valve Letter alleges that Myth of Empires purportedly “was built by: (1) stealing the Ark Survival Evolved source code and (2) using the stolen source code as the gameplay foundation for Myth of Empires.”
  • The allegations quoted in paragraph 11, above, are false.
  • Exhibit 1 does not present any material or substantial quantity of Myth of Empires software code, but attaches a document that (i) misleadingly presents, out of order, an extremely small set of “names” that exist in Myth of Empires source code; and (ii) omits software code that actually drives the operation of Myth of Empires including the “gameplay mechanics” referred to in Exhibit 1.
  • The “names” referred to in Exhibit 1 are not copyrightable and are not subject to copyright control in any event.