Incoming War Incoming

MeanAstronauts announces Incoming War, a vehicular combat game that will also incorporate builder and RTS gameplay. The game already has a Steam Listing, but does not yet carry a release date. A Gameplay Trailer accompanies the news with a look at the game in action. Here's word:
Incoming War is a vehicle simulator combining elements of a builder and real-time strategy where you become the commander for one of two belligerent robotic factions. As the main supervisor of their forces and the one in charge of a base known as "Nexus 44", you'll be fighting, collecting resources, exploring, and of course taking control of vehicles manufactured in facilities of our own making – all of this set in post-apocalyptic times.

Incoming War takes place in a very distant feature where humanity had been decimated long before and cybernetic lifeforms took over as the rulers of Earth. In the first days of the war it was man who first faced off against machine, but after humanity's defeat, the robots began to fight amongst themselves.