Out of the Blue

I managed to find a booster yesterday. Our local CVS was able to take me as a walk in. It was kind of crowded, but I got in and out pretty quickly. I got the Pfizer booster, so I'll just wait for it to combine with my J&J shot (and the DNA of that radioactive spider that bit me) to turn me into some form of hybrid superhero. I had a tough choice to make in picking which arm to victimize. I'm basically a righty, so I usually get shots in my left arm. But I'm still putting my left arm through hell with physical rehab, so I chose the other. And the right arm was probably the correct arm, as it's killing me at the moment, and this probably would have interfered with my physical therapy. But otherwise I feel fine, so I'll just lay low this weekend and hope it stays that way.

Boosted Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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