Wartales Early Access

Listen up, as Shiro Games has a tale to tell about the launch of Wartales, which is now available for Windows in Early Access on Steam. The new game from the developer of Northgard is an open-world RPG where you lead a group of sellswords on a quest for fame, fortune, and more fortune. You can get a look at this in the Early Access Release Trailer. Here's more on the game and what to expect from Early Access:
Wartales is an open-world tactical RPG where the player leads a group of sellswords to accomplish goals, amass fortune and embark upon dangerous and thrilling enterprises, shaping their gaming experience as they go. As the group evolves, they will be able to explore the remains of the Edoran Empire, ravaged by the Great Plague and much more.

Players will journey through a gigantic open-world, with the options of building and developing their camps, crafting weapons, supporting mercenaries and fighting in an innovative turn-based combat system.

The Early Access version will include three regions, two of them completely new since the first demo of the game and will have regular updates every two months, expanding the vastness and possibilities within Wartales’ world.
Players will be able to discover the Kingdom of Edoran in one of these regions, who are eager to conquer their neighbors through its famed Legion, and learn more about the historical landmarks that have contributed towards or played host to many of the worlds most significant events over the years gone by.