Ghostrunner Project_Hel Announced

Publisher 505 Games and developers One More Level, All In! Games, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks announce Project_Hel. This expansion for Ghostrunner will add a character and other new content to the cyberpunk action game on January 27, 2022. Those who can't wait until then can register here to try and secure a spot in the beta. What's more, all Ghostrunner players will receive a free cosmetic Holiday pack. Here's a Teaser Trailer, and here's more on the new expansion:
Initially planned as a smaller DLC, Project_Hel has grown into a full-blown Ghostrunner experience. Take control of Hel, one of the original games’ bosses, as she descends Dharma Tower on a bloody quest of her own. Designed to appeal to new players and veterans, she’s more combat-oriented and can survive an additional attack compared to the Ghostrunner.

Run on walls, soar through neon cityscapes, and slice through six levels while mastering Hel’s powers through her own ability progression system. Battle new enemies and bosses to the beat of six fresh tracks courtesy of electronic musician Daniel Deluxe. Anyone who wants to play sooner than January can sign up for the private beta launching later this year. Those selected to participate will be included in Project_Hel’s credits.

To commemorate the upcoming holidays, enhance Jack’s look in the original game with a free festive sword and glove bundle on December 7. Paint the town red with the Rudolph’s Run and Boon swords, both inspired by gift-wrapping. Wield the frosty Solstice katana or slice and dice with the Nini Wonderland blade and accessorize each one with its own matching glove.