Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer Test Tomorrow

Publisher SEGA and developer Relic announce a multiplayer "slice" for Company of Heroes 3 will go live tomorrow at noon EST. This will run through December 6th, providing players a free hands-on sample of what's referred to as a "pre-alpha" version of the RTS sequel. Participation requires a free COH-Development account, and you can sign up for one on this website. Once you're set with an account you can prepare by heading over to the Company of Heroes Website and pre-downloading the client. Here's a Multiplayer Pre-Alpha Overview Trailer and here's more:
The Multiplayer Pre-Alpha will allow players to jump online and get a first glimpse at some exciting new multiplayer combat. They can experience four Italian maps in a variety of game modes, including co-op vs AI opponents, competitive PvP and Skirmish vs AI, while trying out familiar and brand-new features like Full Tactical Pause in skirmish mode, vehicle side armour, Verticality, Battlegroups, and Veterancy. Two classic factions return, the US forces and The Wehrmacht, each bringing their unique and game-changing abilities to the battlefield. More factions will be revealed in the run up to launch, with Company of Heroes 3 promising more content than ever before.

Over on Relic's community platform CoH-Development, passionate players have already been sharing their valuable feedback since Company of Heroes 3 was announced with a Pre-Alpha Preview this summer. The studio is looking forward to hearing from its community yet again on the upcoming Multiplayer Pre-Alpha to ensure that, with the gathered feedback, they deliver the biggest and best multiplayer experience at launch yet.