Marvel MMOG Plans Revived?

A tweet from Miller shows a slide from an investor presentation from EG7 revealing plans for an MMOG based on the Marvel Comics universe (thanks Eurogamer). EG7 is the parent company of Daybreak, Piranha Games, and more, and the slide says a AAA MMO using the Marvel IP is in the "near to long-term pipeline." The tweet offers the recent history of this project, saying it revives an "unannounced AAA Marvel MMO that appeared in the GeForce Now leak and which had previously been cancelled in 2018." This additional tweet offers more details from another slide:
The new AAA Marvel MMO is being developed by Dimensional Ink Studios and spearheaded by CEO Jack Emmert, whose lengthy resume includes DCUO, City of Heroes/Villains, and Marvel Universe Online (which was also cancelled before release though ultimately succeeded by Marvel Heroes.)