Date Night Bowling Released

Date Night Bowling is now available on Steam, offering a Windows game where we learn what happens when you cross Tinder with The Big Lebowski (shut up Donny!). Here are some details to strike at the heart of the matter:
In Date Night Bowling, you and one of 10 very special someones (some of which you might recognize from Half Past Fate and the upcoming Land of Screens) will hit the neon-lit bowling alley for a date. That’s where the fun begins, but not where it ends. Once you woo your date by showing your skills with a turkey or two, you’ll also need to master the claw machine, make sure they get the snacks they want, and generally be a wonderful host as you work your way through multiple minigames to prove that the first date will absolutely not be the last.

Date Night Bowling supports both single-player and local co-op gameplay. Why go to an IRL bowling alley when you can invite your crush to a virtual one instead? Play as any of the 10 available characters, choose anyone that you’d like to date, and let the fun begin.