ActiBlizz Walkout Amid Kotick Cover-up Allegations

A report from The Wall Street Journal (may require registration or subscription) alleges that Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick was aware of allegations of sexual misconduct at the company, including a rape accusation, but failed to inform the company's board of directors. The story is paywalled, but CNBC has details, naturally including its own obsession with how this impacts stock prices. Also, Kotaku reports how this states the recent resignation of Jen Oneal after a brief stint as Blizzard co-lead was due to her being "tokenized, marginalized, and discriminated against." In response, a statement from the Activision Blizzard Board of Directors provides a vote of confidence. This says it "remains confident that Bobby Kotick appropriately addressed workplace issues brought to his attention" and "remains confident in Bobby Kotick's leadership, commitment and ability to achieve these goals." That confidence may not be shared by all of the company's staff, as The Washington Post reports over 100 employees staged a walkout today, demanding Kotick's resignation. Here's a bit from the CNBC story:
According to the report, Kotick failed to inform the board of directors about the allegations on many occasions, including an alleged rape, the Journal reported.

An Activision spokesperson told CNBC in a statement that the WSJ report was “inaccurate” and a “misleading view” of the company’s CEO.

“We are disappointed in the Wall Street Journal’s report, which presents an inaccurate and misleading view of Activision Blizzard and our CEO,” an Activision Blizzard spokesperson said. “Instances of sexual misconduct that were brought to his attention were acted upon.”

In a video message sent to employees Tuesday, Kotick addressed the report and said anyone who doubts his “conviction to be the most welcoming, inclusive workplace doesn’t really appreciate how important this is to me,” according to a transcript posted to the company’s website.

Activision’s board of directors backed Kotick in a statement Tuesday and said it “remains confident” that the CEO “appropriately addressed” work issues brought to his attention.