Oneal's Departure Hits Blizzard Morale: Report

PC Gamer attempts to gauge the outlook at Blizzard Entertainment following yesterday's news that Jen Oneal is stepping down from her post as Blizzard co-lead. Unsurprisingly, morale took a hit based on the news, offsetting some of the positivity prompted by word last week that the company is ending its policy of forced arbitration for sexual harassment and discrimination claims. Here's a bit of the takeaway from discussions with unnamed sources within the company:
However, the news that Oneal is stepping down as Blizzard co-leader just three months after taking the role has "killed" any morale boost from last week's concessions, according to that employee. Oneal and Mike Ybarra replaced former Blizzard boss J Allen Brack, who exited in August in the aftermath of the California lawsuit. With Oneal's resignation, Ybarra is now Blizzard's sole leader.

For some, Oneal's leadership was one of the best reasons they had to believe in a better future for Blizzard. They're now left wondering why Oneal would choose to leave so quickly, leading to speculation that something isn't being said.