Ubisoft Exploring Blockchain Games

In the financial report it just released, Ubisoft outlines plans to explore how blockchain technology can be used in gaming (thanks IBT). Though Valve recently banned crypto games from Steam, the Epic Games Store is apparently all in. According to this, Ubisoft is as well:
Exploring innovative technology: Blockchain
Ubisoft recently took part in the latest funding round of Animoca Brands, a leading blockchain gaming company. Ubisoft has been exploring blockchain since the early development of the technology, supporting and learning from the ecosystem through initiatives like its Entrepreneurs Lab start-up program and the Blockchain Game Alliance as a founding member. This long-range exploration ties in with Ubisoft’s constant search for innovation and new ways to empower players as true stakeholders of its worlds. It also gives Ubisoft the perspective to reflect on the best ways to overcome blockchain’s initial limitations for gaming around sustainability and scalability.