Darkest Dungeon II Selling Well in Early Access

Darkest Dungeon II is now available in Early Access on the Epic Games Store, offering a roguelike sequel from Red Hook Studios (yo Brooklyn!). Though its only been available for around 24 hours, this tweet notes it has already sold more than 100,000 copies, saying, "our journey has just begun." Here's a bit on the game:
Gather your courage and ride out into the chaos of a world undone.
Darkest Dungeon II is a roguelike road trip of the damned. Form a party, equip your stagecoach, and set off across a decaying landscape in a last gasp attempt to avert the apocalypse. The greatest dangers you face, however, may come from within...

Roguelike Runs; Even Failure Moves You Forward
Each expedition is less than 5 hours, and progress you make opens up new hero abilities, items, and stagecoach upgrades that can be used on your next journey.