Killer in the Cabin Announced

Indie developer Games People Play today announces Killer in the Cabin, a multiplayer social deduction game coming to Early Access on Steam on November 11th. But before then a 24 hour beta test will begin on Sunday. There's no link on the Steam listing to request access to the closed beta yet, but when it does, that's how to get in on testing. Here's the voice balloon-filled Announce Trailer and here's more:
In Killer in the Cabin, play as a member of a group of survivors from a bus crash in the desolate Norwegian mountains, where in order to survive you must work together in order to gather supplies, discover shelter and share food as you wait for help to arrive. Stick together and you’ll make it out alive, but danger looms: there’s a hidden killer in the group, working to sabotage all survival efforts and eliminate the party, one by one.

If allocated as the killer, use the sandbox environment to get creative as you terminate your fellow survivors. Blunt violence is seldom a good idea, rather stay stealthy to avoid attention and detection. Poison the food, sabotage the survival efforts, strangle someone in their sleep or use your surroundings to pull off a deceptive hit. When the party begins to suspect who the killer is, they can vote and kill the elected suspect, whether they are guilty of the crimes or not.

With 15 minute long game sessions and multiplayer play with up to 8 players, Killer in the Cabin puts players’ communication, deception and truth-telling skills to the ultimate test. Crafty killer or innocent survivor? The voice is the most powerful tool in Killer in the Cabin, as nothing is ever more suspicious as a quiet murderer. Playing Killer in the Cabin requires a microphone, as it is critical to the core social interaction gameplay experience.