DOOM Eternal Adds Horde Mode announces the promised version 6.66 update is now available for DOOM Eternal, the latest installment in id Software's first-person shooter series. The announcement includes details on the new Horde Mode that's introduced by this update. Here's a bit:
Compete for the highest score by battling wave after wave of demons across three Missions from DOOM Eternal and The Ancient Gods – Parts One and Two* in this challenging new single player game mode. You’ll need to keep your wits about you and your skill sharp. Like a classic arcade game, there aren’t any checkpoints, you start with just 3 extra lives - but there are more to earn as you progress. You begin with only a fully mastered Combat Shotgun, unlocking a new weapon at random as you complete each Arena Round. Earn new Milestones and unlock loads of cool new customization items as you progress!