Out of the Blue

Well, it's a weather extravaganza in the US, as the east coast is being battered by a nor'easter while the west coast is dealing with a bomb cyclone. The bomb cyclone, or explosive cyclogenesis, is described as record-breaking, which is certainly scary. Hopefully everyone affected is staying safe. Though it's a little on the early side, our nor'easter (the official weather pattern of Talk Like a Pirate Day) is pretty typical of storms that hit these parts a few times a year from late autumn through winter. They can be dangerous and often morph into bomb cyclones as well. Interestingly, they are noteworthy for being particularly hard on the northeast, but that is not where they derive the name, which comes from the wind direction during the storms. Anyway, that all makes it sound more dramatic than it is for us right now, as after some thunder and lighting overnight, we're now just dealing with a steady rain. With some luck, things will turn out equally undramatic for everyone on the paths of these storms.

Obituary: Leslie Bricusse, Prolific Songwriter for Stage and Screen, Dies at 90 (may require registration or subscription). Thanks Neutronbeam.
Obituary: Roh Tae-Woo, South Korean Leader as It Moved Toward Democracy, Dies at 88 (may require registration or subscription).
Obituary: Walter Smith: Former Rangers manager dies at the age of 73.

Weathered Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.