PAYDAY 3 Setting and Cast Detailed

A 10th Anniversary Live Stream for PAYDAY features the developers at OVERKILL Software discussing the decade of the heist series. This includes a look forward as well as a look back, offering some details on the upcoming PAYDAY 3. The official PAYDAY Website is home to the anniversary festivities. Word is PAYDAY 3 is set in New York City years after the gang's retirement following PAYDAY 2. It will feature the return of Hoxton, Dallas, Chains, and Wolf, because just when they think they're out, they pull them back in. A new element will be the attention their exploits will attract, as a brazen life of crime will get noticed by the media as well as law enforcement (apparently shooting 600 police officers during a getaway will now make headlines). PAYDAY 3 is currently expected for release in 2023.