Overwatch's McCree Becoming Cole Cassidy

In a Tweet Blizzard announces Cole Cassidy is the new name for the Overwatch character formerly known as Jesse McCree. In August it was announced the character would be renamed, since the McCree name was based on a departed designer hit with allegations of inappropriate behavior. Interestingly the name change is now part of the lore for the multiplayer shooter. Here's the text of the message that's posted as a video for some reason:
The first thing a renegade loses is their name, and this one gave up his long ago.

Running from his past meant running from himself, and each passing year only widened the divide between who he had been and what he had become. But in every cowboy's life, there comes a time when he has to stop and make a stand.

To make this new Overwatch better to make things right he had to be honest with his team and himself. The cowboy he was rode into the sunset, and Cole Cassidy faced the world at dawn.