Out of the Blue

Welp, the gremlins managed to get in and strike overnight here at the Blue Tower. When I awoke this morning I recalled there was an early NFL game in London. So I popped on the TV to see what was up while I brewed some coffee. Minutes later I looked up to see that the screen was displaying a psychedelic pattern that would have been a perfect background for a Jimi Hendrix concert. There's not a lot to check in a situation like this. I played around with the inputs and tried the old power cycle hoohah, but it seems the TV has lost the ability to translate electrical impulses into coherent images, which is basically its only job. And on a football Sunday, no less! Not to mention the season premier of Succession tonight. I'll play around with the TV a bit more to see if there's some sort of "fix picture" function I'm missing, but I'm pretty sure it's just destined for the landfill and will need to be replaced.

The Round-up Will Not Be Televised
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.





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