Google Countersues Epic Games

Google has filed a countersuit against Epic Games for breach of contract in US District court in San Francisco (thanks Epic is accused of bad faith, as Google says Fortnite was only launched on the Google Play Store in order to provoke the litigation in which the two companies are now embroiled. Here's word:
Epic, a multibillion dollar company backed by two of the world’s largest video game developers, has profited immensely from the safe, secure platform provided by Google Play, a platform for which it pays a fee equivalent or less than that charged by other major platform providers. Not satisfied with those immense profits, it entered into a legal agreement with Google with which it never intended to comply, deceiving Google and concealing its true intentions to provoke a legal and public relations confrontation that continues to this day. Its actions have put its own users at risk, have harmed Google, and are deserving of relief from this Court.