Borderlands 3 Event Starts Tomorrow

The Borderlands Website announces Maurice's Community Carnage, a series of four in-game events that get underway tomorrow in Borderlands 3. This will allow players to combine efforts to unlock a new vault hunter head. Here's the plan:
Starting October 14 at 9:00 AM PT, we're kicking off the first of four community challenge events, with new ones unlocking on the following Thursdays. There's no need to accept a mission from an NPC to take part in these—participation is as simple as following the in-game objective presented each week in this article and on our Social Channels, which will all be counted behind the scenes by some manner of technological wizardry. If you want to check the daily progress for how close the Borderlands 3 community is to completing each shared goal, Borderlands Creator Team member MentalMars has you covered.