Native Mac EVE Online

CCP announces that a new version of EVE Online is now available that can run natively on Apple's Mac hardware. The space-based MMORPG is a free download on the official website, and you can see it in Maction in this trailer. Here's word:
EVE Online on Mac harnesses Apple’s powerful graphic processing framework, Metal, resulting in improved graphic fidelity, lower memory use, and CPU optimization for a smooth gameplay experience. Additionally, Mac keyboard and mouse shortcuts are now supported in the native Mac client.

“Bringing EVE Online to Mac has been a core goal for us at CCP Games. We’ve worked diligently to improve the game and have collaborated closely with our community to ensure we’re providing the best possible experience to an even wider audience,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “With the power of Apple’s M1 chip, Mac users can seamlessly fly into New Eden and enjoy the full EVE Online experience the way it is meant to be played - with great performance and graphics. We can’t wait to welcome a new generation of Mac users to EVE Online.”