Out of the Blue

There have been headlines about it, but to avoid spoiling Jeopardy! I'll comment in hidden text (highlight to read): I have mixed feelings about the end of Matt Amodio's amazing Jeopardy! run. On one level it was fun to watch his amazing play. On the other hand, a vast majority of Matt's wins were what Alex liked to characterize as "runaways" where he couldn't be caught in Final Jeopardy. Fact is, most of his matches seemed over by the end of the first Jeopardy round. So while it was amazing to see Matt demonstrate his incredibly broad knowledgebase, it started to seem almost too easy. What's really too bad is that I believe the Jeopardy rules mean that hosting disqualifies you from playing anymore, so we'll never get to see Matt and Ken Jennings go head-to-head in a tournament of champions.

Obituary: Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner dies, days after stepping down for health reasons.

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