Hearthstone Mercenaries Live

Blizzard announces that Hearthstone Mercenaries is now live, offering a new way to play the deckbuilding game in what's described as "one of Hearthstone’s biggest updates ever." Here's a trailer welcoming players aboard. Here's the deal:
In Mercenaries, you form a Party of up to 6 Mercenaries instead of a deck of cards. You can then take that Party in to the Travel Point in order to hunt a Bounty, or to the Fighting Pit for single-fight combat. When fighting, up to 3 of Mercenaries are active while the rest wait on the Bench, ready to jump in when one of your active Mercs falls. In combat, lock-in your team’s moves and then watch as both teams automatically battle it out! With different Roles, Abilities, and Equipment for over 50 launch Mercenaries (and more to come), there are countless ways to personalize and empower your Party!