BF2042 Development Woes?

A story on Gaming Intel by Tom Henderson has the Battlefield leaker's take on what's going on with Battlefield 2042 following the just-concluded beta test for the military shooter. The article is titled "Battlefield 2042's Troubled Development and Identity Crisis" which gives an idea of its thrust. Tom discusses performance of the beta and whether it's plausible that the build is actually several months old. He also hears from confidential sources within DICE that the game's resemblance to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is intentional, and that this direction and development issues are due to ineffective management:
Management is allegedly not committed enough to the project, with creative being simply told to do X, Y, and Z. One of these management figures was simply described as a “yes man”, and apparently things have “been s*&t since”.

Problems brought up to management also fall on deaf ears throughout the development process. Ultimately creating issues that DICE could have solved earlier in the development process.

As for the lack of creativity, management loved some of Modern Warfare 2019’s aspects that much, that the studio was supposedly encouraged to create something similar.