Apple Appeals Epic Case Ruling

It's generally thought that Apple came out on top in the ruling over the Epic v Apple antitrust lawsuit, and Epic has appealed the decision. Now it turns out Apple has filed an appeal as well. The company was ordered to allow mobile apps to direct customers to outside payment options beginning December 9th. As noted on CNBC, the wheels of justice grind slowly, and if approved, a stay could prevent this part of the ruling unfavorable to Apple from taking effect for years:
If Apple wins the stay, which will be decided by a judge in November, a rule change potentially allowing developers to circumvent App Store fees of 15% to 30% may not take effect until appeals in the case have finished, a process that could take years.

In September, federal judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled in favor of Apple for nine of 10 counts in an antitrust trial brought by Epic, the maker of Fortnite. Epic was seeking the ability to install its own app store on iPhones. Kate Adams, Apple’s general counsel, said at the time the ruling was a “huge win.”

But Apple was also ordered to make a major change to its store and allow mobile apps to steer consumers to outside payment methods, potentially providing a way to evade Apple’s App Store fees.

That injunction is currently scheduled to go into effect on Dec. 9.