GTA: The Trilogy Gets Korean Rating

A new listing from the Korean Gaming Board has the strongest confirmation yet of rumors of plans for a remastered trilogy of Grand Theft Auto games (thanks Reddit). The listing is mostly Korean, but the title at the top of the page is in English, stating this is for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. A machine translation of the rest of the listing declares the game "not available for youth," as it describes familiar GTA gameplay elements:
Action Game Rating ongoing crime cities are infinite degrees of freedom given to background

  • sensationalism (direct suggestive expression)
    • that the sexual scenes and sensational body exposure of the female character
    • violence (excessive violence, representation)
    • to the public with a realistic description weapons Violence can be freely exercised, resulting in frequent bloodshed
  • Crime (direct crime expression)
    • Realistic description of various crimes such as murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking, etc.
  • Language (excessive vulgar language, vulgar language and profanity expression)
    • Character dialogue of, profanity is frequently expressed
  • gambling (realistic meandering behavior simulation)
    • may proceed with the casino games through the batting and the allocation of game money
  • drugs (direct drug distribution representation)
    • describe specific drugs, such as smoking and drug use -