Razer's Sustainability Initiatives

Declaring itself the "leading global lifestyle brand for gamers," peripheral maker Razer announces a new series of cartoon shorts to raise environmental awareness. These are sponsored by investment firm Franklin Templeton, seemingly part of a plan to "be proactive in addressing changing public attitudes toward the environment." Razer also notes its Razer Conservation Project in partnership with Conservation International as well as other sustainability initiatives. The video series can be found on this page. It stars Sneki Snek, and is aimed at all ages. Here's a bit more:
The first season consists of six bite-sized episodes and will tackle issues such as deforestation, over-fishing, air pollution, upcycling, slash-and-burn farming, and climate change. Viewers will learn about pressing environmental issues and what they can do to make a difference, as Sneki Snek shares advice on how to join the fight against climate change. The integration of environmental and social considerations in entertaining content aims to empower viewers with the practical information they need yet may not have access to.