Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Next Week?

Self-defined leaker Tom Henderson continues to track down every shred of information to be found about Battlefield 2042. In this tweet Tom says the Origin API shows that the next installment in the military shooter series will gave an Early Access beta on October 6-7 which will segue into an open beta on October 8-9. Included is a screenshot of some code saying preloads will begin on October 5th. This is unconfirmed to start with, and a subsequent tweet states that "EA has now removed this from the API." There's no way of knowing if this is because it is not accurate, or if it's just an effort at putting the genie back in the bottle. Here's the tweet about the beta plan:
Origin API has confirmed that the #BATTLEFIELD2042 BETA will be from Oct 6th-7th for Early Access and Oct 8th-9th as an open BETA.

Preload is available Oct 5th at 06:00AM UTC.